Public Notice

The BLSGs monthly meeting will be held in Salisbury at the Salisbury Free Library, 918 Maple street at 7pm this month. The space is adequate for social distancing and I am encouraging all representatives of the BLSG board to attend physically.
If you are unable to physically attend the Zoom invite/information is below:
Invite link:
Meeting ID: 716 6846 9997 
Meeting Password: 0xaKra 
The agenda is as follows: 
1) Call to Order

2) Covid-19 and safety measures 

3) Introduction of guests 

4) Public comments

 5) Update from State(if applicable)

6)Approval of September 17th partial meeting and of October 8th Special meeting 

7)Treasurer/Budget report(Brad L.)    A) District Finances     B) Placement of 2020s budget surplus     C) 2021 Budget proposal 

8) Operations Report(Will M.)  A) Past  B) Present   C) Future 

9) District Coordinator position

 10) PR

11) Other Business    A) Old    B) New

12) Adjournment